boo hiss.

I’ve been a little down lately, when I should be up.

I need some sort of change, but I’m unsure of where that change will come from, or what it will be, but I need it.

Tomorrow I drive home for winter break. Three weeks of living under my parents’ roof, of work, working at DSW, and not worrying about writing religion papers or doing VCT projects. I’m looking foward to the three week break from the usual drama of the University Film Organization. I’m also looking foward to making money again.

I need to find a job at school pretty badly.

The move to LA is going to be thrilling, but something may come up before that.

One response to “boo hiss.

  1. the move to la? what!?!?!?!?!

    ok if you move out here or anything of the sort you better call me!

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