great fish robbery

Monday afternoon, between 2:30-4:30, Anna Nicole was kidnapped. My beloved fish vanished with hardly a clue, the only thing I had was a post-it note declaring in red pen “I took Anna Nicole!” I assumed it was Meg, Marie and Candice, mostly because they are usually the ones responsible for most of my terror. They were as surprised as me.

Monday night I went to dinner with Stevesy, Dustin, and Beth, and upon return, I found another note from the menancing kidnappers. At the hall meeting, I made an annoucement, informing everyone of the kidnapping of my innocent fish. Later that night, ilikefishFODINNA sent me an instant message, and threatened that I must pay a million dollars, or Anna Nicole would get it.
Emotionally drained and very tired, I went to bed around eleven.

Tuesday morning, I woke up, and there was yet another note left by the evil kidnappers, this time proving to me that they did in fact have Anna Nicole. The terrible note had a picture of the monsters holding a knife above my lovely beta fish’s bowl. There were only a few clues on the note. In the background, it is aparent that the picture was taken in my hall, Rodgers Quadrangle, as well as sunglasses. The biggest clue was that the criminal on the right had a french manicure. I went to class, drained and worried.

After class, I was on my way down the hall and I ran into my (so-called) friend, Kellie. She mocked me, as everyone else on the floor had been, about if I had yet to find my fish. I started at her, and then something clicked. I asked if could see her nails, and she quickly pulled her hands inside her sweatshirt and tried to run away. It was in fact Kellie and Erin who had stolen my fish and left the notes.

Luckily, Anna Nicole was safe, and only a little shaken up. I cleaned out her bowl and gave her a few extra pellets. Friends, keep your fish and friends near. You don’t know what you’ve got ’till it’s gone.

5 responses to “great fish robbery

  1. The One and Only Zeppo

    Hahahahaha. Oh that is a good story. I wasn’t in on this by the way…I just knew about it. Which makes me an accessory I guess….

  2. you should have put up missing signs with a pic of anna nichole in your hall. that would have been great. im glad you found her and she is safe…all is well now in rodgers hall.

  3. poor emily. I am so glad that the fish is back.

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