not all’s quiet on the bathroom front

The radio has been given back.
If the inconsidericies continue,
it will be taken away for the rest
of the year. I’m sorry, and I don’t
like to be like this. -Amy

Once again, the second floor bathroom has been filled with tunes. I have not had a problem with it yet, however, it has been put in place a mere 18 hours ago. 101.5 The River has been the station of choice as of now. I enjoyed Gordon Lightfoot’s “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” while using the facilities a few minutes ago.

There is another bathroom issue that really needs to be addressed. She stands about 5’2″, and her name is Joyce. This woman is our frightening custodian. She has a creepy tendency of walking into our rooms to chat about who-knows-what. She has even come into my room to talk about some of the girls on the floor to me. She seems to really like me, and often talks to Candice about her rosey cheeks. There are few things that I would want to hear less than her screeching voice greet me with an eerie “Moooorrrnneeeeeeeeeeeeeing!” This woman does not stop at being overly friendly in the halls. She often will talk to whomever is using the stall, or shower, acting as if the curtain or stall door of privacy is nonexistent. Invading privacy and comfort zones, Joyce has far surpassed Carol, the exuberant cashier at Commons Buffet, for the creepiest and most over-jealous university employee.

Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day, and classes have been cancelled. This is all fine and dandy, but I am a production assistant on the latest Daniel Williams joint. It is a three day shoot, and I will be quite cranky by the end of Sunday, and this general crankiness will most likely carry over to Monday, and most likely, Tuesday.

I have recently become infactuated with Podcasts. National Public Radio has quite a few very interesting ones, and I now subscribe to quite a few. All Songs Considered, NPR Movies, Open Mic Music, Pop Culture, Satire from the Unger Report, and Story of the Day are my favorite NPR shows, and now I don’t have to listen to all of the broadcasts I don’t find as interesting in between. I also have subscribed to World Cafe’s Word and Music from WXPN. If I only had a microphone for my computer, I would publish my own Podcast. Not that anyone would really listen it…


2 responses to “not all’s quiet on the bathroom front

  1. I would listen to your podcast, and I’m sure the “senior citizen bloggers” would too. They’re all about defying stereotypes.

    Nothing can be worse than Carol. I’m expecting her to grow fangs and horns and start attacking Commons-goers any day now. Oh, and Joyce cleans our restroom too, but instead of talking to us she just gives us a wide variety of horribly dirty looks, as if we’ve commited some sort of grievous sin by being born male.

    Oh, college.

  2. haha joyce makes me laugh. i once had a friend at centerville who was a little over zealous (her issue was standing too close to you when talking) the solution my mom actually came up with. cough alot. sneeze more. cough and sneeze at here, even if its fake, it will work.

    your lucky you get veterans day off. we dont. they take all the one day holidays we could get off and they lump them all into winter break. kinda lame.

    you make me laugh often and frequently.


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