being a big girl

Today we put our down payment on the apartment. Marie, Meg, Candice and I are adults now. Sort of. We’re living in the Frazee apartments, rented by Green Briar. 14-F. We’ve got two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a dishwasher, garbage disposal, and as far as we understand, a balcony.

Further news on the bathroom radio: The radio finally got to Ra Amy. Last night around 11, I headed to the bathroom. I had just pasted Ra Amy in the hall, and she looked a little upset. She was holding a dry erase marker. I walked in, and it was eerily quiet. On the marker board there was a fairly nasty message from Ra Amy, along the lines of:

Ladies, the volume of the radio has become a problem.
I have given you several warnings, and this has gotten
out of hand. They radio may or may not be returned.

Thank you, Ra Amy. One act of bathroom terrorism has been destroyed. Now, maybe someone can take care of the Bin Laden of the second floor bathroom: Joyce the custodian.

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