not so homey anymore.

I went home for the night this weekend. I plan on never doing that again. It really seems that my family likes the idea of me, however, does not like when I am around. My brother and I have come full circle. At one time, we fought horribly, then from middle school until I moved to school, we were pretty close, and now we fight constantly again. I can no longer trust him, or even expect him to follow through with simple plans, such as “Stay at Rockafella’s, I will be back in Dayton in 20 minutes.” The little bastard also told my mother that I have been drinking and driving, which I haven’t. We are not friends right now.

One of the only parts I enjoy about going home now is seeing Daniel and David (when David is not too busy rowing and being a stud.) I also enjoy being at home when Amy is around. Daniel and I went downtown and got some coffee, then later went to a play at Town Hall, like the golden days (only in the golden days (yes, I am referring to the winter of 2003) we were back stage.) The play wasn’t all that good, but the two of us had a smashing time together, as usual. I really miss getting coffee every Sunday morning. And going to Patterson Memorial and sitting there for a large part of the afternoon.

Sometimes when I talk about my childhood, I wonder how I ended up so seemingly normal. I really should probably be a annorexic sex fiend. There were a lot of moments from when I was a kid that could have been in a movie…about an odd and scarring childhood.


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