the ins and outs

I’m fairly unsure about how this happened, but Matt and Ren have apparently become BFFs. So tonight, I will be sitting in Matt’s room drinking, hanging out with Matt and Ren. Hum.

In other news, I have pretty much given up on the bathroom radio fight. It was a long hard battle, and I am simply too weak of a person to continue on.

I am also unsually caught up on my school work (minus the flow charts I have to go to VCT for tomorrow morning.)

I rented Angus this week after finding the files to the Angus soundtrack on my computer, and I have been on a kick since then. I miss 1996.

Fire drill count, as of 11-3-05: 4


One response to “the ins and outs

  1. Me and Ren are only going to be BFFs until I can use the advantageous position to find out tons of horrible, secret information about him. And then I’m going to launch a smear campaign against him so I can overtake the presidency and lead UFO on to a golden age of prosperity, Hitler-style.

    Just thought I’d clear that up.

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