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Irish, Christmas, and Microwaved Goodness

First off: Only 106 days until St. Patrick’s Day. All hell will break loose on that day. To prepare for the day the fury comes, I am listening to Flogging Molly.

Secondly, last night until about 2A, Marie, Candice and I worked on Christmas decorations. There is now a lovely snowflake chain above the futon in 235.

What I really wanted to write about is my recent contentment with a few new microwave products. Don’t get me wrong, I would much rather cook on a stove, but because they are “fire hazards” and “there’s no room,” I don’t have the privilege of owning a stove for the dorm room.

The first product that really gets my praise is the new Ore-Ida Extra Crispy Easy Fries. These little golden deliciousnesses are microwave-cooked fries that are ready–and crispy–in only 4 minutes! I was unsure at first, but apparently the confident is fairly confident in their product, and are giving away coupons on Go there, get a coupon, go to the grocery. They are located in the frozen food area, by the other potato products. Delish.

The second product that I really enjoy is Amy’s Bowls Pesto Tortellini. I pay a pretty (meal plan) penny for this microwave treat, but it’s worth it. Not only is it very tasty, but I get my fill. Although fattening, it is “organic,” which always makes me feel “healthy.” Fucking hippies.

My most recent microwave discovery was actually brought to my attention by the marvelous Kyle Whited. Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice is one helluva product, if I do say so myself. $2.19 (at Chilly’s Convince Store, where everything is signifcantly overpriced) will get you a 8.8 ounce bag of this ready-to-heat-then-eat rice. There are several flavors, including Spanish style, buttery flavor, roasted chicken, and teriyaki. After only 90 seconds, you have a half pound of piping hot rice.

I like to have my carbs, and eat them too.

Hey guys. Check your vitals.

great fish robbery

Monday afternoon, between 2:30-4:30, Anna Nicole was kidnapped. My beloved fish vanished with hardly a clue, the only thing I had was a post-it note declaring in red pen “I took Anna Nicole!” I assumed it was Meg, Marie and Candice, mostly because they are usually the ones responsible for most of my terror. They were as surprised as me.

Monday night I went to dinner with Stevesy, Dustin, and Beth, and upon return, I found another note from the menancing kidnappers. At the hall meeting, I made an annoucement, informing everyone of the kidnapping of my innocent fish. Later that night, ilikefishFODINNA sent me an instant message, and threatened that I must pay a million dollars, or Anna Nicole would get it.
Emotionally drained and very tired, I went to bed around eleven.

Tuesday morning, I woke up, and there was yet another note left by the evil kidnappers, this time proving to me that they did in fact have Anna Nicole. The terrible note had a picture of the monsters holding a knife above my lovely beta fish’s bowl. There were only a few clues on the note. In the background, it is aparent that the picture was taken in my hall, Rodgers Quadrangle, as well as sunglasses. The biggest clue was that the criminal on the right had a french manicure. I went to class, drained and worried.

After class, I was on my way down the hall and I ran into my (so-called) friend, Kellie. She mocked me, as everyone else on the floor had been, about if I had yet to find my fish. I started at her, and then something clicked. I asked if could see her nails, and she quickly pulled her hands inside her sweatshirt and tried to run away. It was in fact Kellie and Erin who had stolen my fish and left the notes.

Luckily, Anna Nicole was safe, and only a little shaken up. I cleaned out her bowl and gave her a few extra pellets. Friends, keep your fish and friends near. You don’t know what you’ve got ’till it’s gone.

No Faces

Tonight, after an extremely long three day weekend, we wrapped on the latest Daniel Williams joint, No Faces. Other than an almost total lack of sleep, I don’t have much I can complain about. I love being on set, and every time that I work on a production, it really reinforces that I want to be on a set for the rest of my life. Or at least be involved with that sort of thing.

Now, I am a very tired girl (12 hour shoots on 4 hours of sleep are not good for a growing young woman such as myself. Espeically when those shoots are after a 16 hour shoot.) and I plan on being in bed by 10ish.

not all’s quiet on the bathroom front

The radio has been given back.
If the inconsidericies continue,
it will be taken away for the rest
of the year. I’m sorry, and I don’t
like to be like this. -Amy

Once again, the second floor bathroom has been filled with tunes. I have not had a problem with it yet, however, it has been put in place a mere 18 hours ago. 101.5 The River has been the station of choice as of now. I enjoyed Gordon Lightfoot’s “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” while using the facilities a few minutes ago.

There is another bathroom issue that really needs to be addressed. She stands about 5’2″, and her name is Joyce. This woman is our frightening custodian. She has a creepy tendency of walking into our rooms to chat about who-knows-what. She has even come into my room to talk about some of the girls on the floor to me. She seems to really like me, and often talks to Candice about her rosey cheeks. There are few things that I would want to hear less than her screeching voice greet me with an eerie “Moooorrrnneeeeeeeeeeeeeing!” This woman does not stop at being overly friendly in the halls. She often will talk to whomever is using the stall, or shower, acting as if the curtain or stall door of privacy is nonexistent. Invading privacy and comfort zones, Joyce has far surpassed Carol, the exuberant cashier at Commons Buffet, for the creepiest and most over-jealous university employee.

Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day, and classes have been cancelled. This is all fine and dandy, but I am a production assistant on the latest Daniel Williams joint. It is a three day shoot, and I will be quite cranky by the end of Sunday, and this general crankiness will most likely carry over to Monday, and most likely, Tuesday.

I have recently become infactuated with Podcasts. National Public Radio has quite a few very interesting ones, and I now subscribe to quite a few. All Songs Considered, NPR Movies, Open Mic Music, Pop Culture, Satire from the Unger Report, and Story of the Day are my favorite NPR shows, and now I don’t have to listen to all of the broadcasts I don’t find as interesting in between. I also have subscribed to World Cafe’s Word and Music from WXPN. If I only had a microphone for my computer, I would publish my own Podcast. Not that anyone would really listen it…

being a big girl

Today we put our down payment on the apartment. Marie, Meg, Candice and I are adults now. Sort of. We’re living in the Frazee apartments, rented by Green Briar. 14-F. We’ve got two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a dishwasher, garbage disposal, and as far as we understand, a balcony.

Further news on the bathroom radio: The radio finally got to Ra Amy. Last night around 11, I headed to the bathroom. I had just pasted Ra Amy in the hall, and she looked a little upset. She was holding a dry erase marker. I walked in, and it was eerily quiet. On the marker board there was a fairly nasty message from Ra Amy, along the lines of:

Ladies, the volume of the radio has become a problem.
I have given you several warnings, and this has gotten
out of hand. They radio may or may not be returned.

Thank you, Ra Amy. One act of bathroom terrorism has been destroyed. Now, maybe someone can take care of the Bin Laden of the second floor bathroom: Joyce the custodian.

not so homey anymore.

I went home for the night this weekend. I plan on never doing that again. It really seems that my family likes the idea of me, however, does not like when I am around. My brother and I have come full circle. At one time, we fought horribly, then from middle school until I moved to school, we were pretty close, and now we fight constantly again. I can no longer trust him, or even expect him to follow through with simple plans, such as “Stay at Rockafella’s, I will be back in Dayton in 20 minutes.” The little bastard also told my mother that I have been drinking and driving, which I haven’t. We are not friends right now.

One of the only parts I enjoy about going home now is seeing Daniel and David (when David is not too busy rowing and being a stud.) I also enjoy being at home when Amy is around. Daniel and I went downtown and got some coffee, then later went to a play at Town Hall, like the golden days (only in the golden days (yes, I am referring to the winter of 2003) we were back stage.) The play wasn’t all that good, but the two of us had a smashing time together, as usual. I really miss getting coffee every Sunday morning. And going to Patterson Memorial and sitting there for a large part of the afternoon.

Sometimes when I talk about my childhood, I wonder how I ended up so seemingly normal. I really should probably be a annorexic sex fiend. There were a lot of moments from when I was a kid that could have been in a movie…about an odd and scarring childhood.

the ins and outs

I’m fairly unsure about how this happened, but Matt and Ren have apparently become BFFs. So tonight, I will be sitting in Matt’s room drinking, hanging out with Matt and Ren. Hum.

In other news, I have pretty much given up on the bathroom radio fight. It was a long hard battle, and I am simply too weak of a person to continue on.

I am also unsually caught up on my school work (minus the flow charts I have to go to VCT for tomorrow morning.)

I rented Angus this week after finding the files to the Angus soundtrack on my computer, and I have been on a kick since then. I miss 1996.

Fire drill count, as of 11-3-05: 4