So Halloween is in five days, but the weekend in which we will be celebrating is only two days away (assuming I will not be dressing up on Thursday night.)

And I need a costume. I was going to be an 80’s prom queen, and wear The Dress, but stupid Amy has The Dress at home, and she doesn’t know where it is. Marie was going to do my hair and makeup, and I was going to have a shash, a crown, and everything. (The Dress is pictured to the left, being worn by Marie, my hair and makeup artist (and room mate)).

I was also thinking that I could possibly be a member of Team Zissou. But I don’t know if people would get it. All I would need to find is some light blue sweatpants and a red stocking cap. I could pull that one off pretty easily. Plus, I could layer in the very likely case that it will be cold outside.

Either way, I hope to have fun this weekend. Last year on Halloween I went home and saw Schoolhouse Rock at Town Hall. It was pretty fun.

2 responses to “costume?

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  2. oooh i get the team zizzou…that would be quite awesome costume….hmmm yes definately a keeper. and if people dont get it then you can make fun of them for lack of pop culture knowledge.

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